Different Phases Of Animation That You Should Know

Animation is not a single step process as it involves layers and layers of steps that eventually help you to create a single step. This is why animation is quite complex to understand and actually to do in real life. In order to master the art of animating characters, it is important to know about the various stages and be aware of the features that are provided by the software that you are using. This is precisely why you should read CreateStudio review, which is upcoming advanced animation software.

The following are the various phases of animation as a whole process.

Phase -1 Conceptualization or Planning

In this phase, you create a concept about the character and what will his role be. You will then list the movements that you will need and the poses along with what kind of animation style and type that you are going to follow. You need to create sketches, stories and have a clear idea about how your character is going to play out and represent itself in the animation that you want to create.

Phase -2 Blocking

Now, you have to add the storytelling in the poses of your character along with their movements and simply create a basic idea so that others can also understand your motives.

Phase -3 Blocking Plus

Under this phase, you will have to breakdown how your poses and movements will change in order to move to the next stage of the storytelling. This phase is where the animation takes its basic shape.

Phase -4 Refining

Now, you will add more details to each pose and movement. In this stage, your animation gets believable weight, movements, acting, story and details.

Phase -5 Polishing

By now your animation is almost ready and you will have to add the last few bits like finger nails, shadows, lip synchronizations and basic tweaks to export a final product.